Changes are coming, changes are coming!!

Changes are coming! Changes are coming!! And I am GENUINELY EXCITED.

If you watched the video above, then you’re already aware of what’s to come to and all of its affiliates.

Along with a new logo by the super dope, @AlfieTheGypsyKing!! There’s an amazing set of changes coming to NHJ.

Here’s what you can expect

The site is getting an upgrade. It will be a lot more user friendly. I’m working on making the website a lot cleaner and professional. I’m also working on bringing in more content, guest bloggers and more features. Creating a more diverse community! As you have noticed, is and will always be more than just hair. So with that being said, you’ll see more hair care, product reviews, hair and make up tutorials (we can learn together lol), lifestyle post (faith, love, fashion, being healthier and everything else.), there will also be more music added to the site, the Rants section will be coming back and goodies (events, giveaways and updates).

Yes, it’s about time, right in time for our Two Year Anniversary, and I can’t wait for to unveil a few more goodies along the way.

This also includes event coverage, photo galleries, and more.


I will actually be using the Facebook page to post giveaways and community questions. There will also be quick updates only available on I want to make myself a lot more accessible to your questions, comments and concerns! I truly am here for you and all of your questions.

Twitter @NHJunkies & @NtrlHairKillah

I’m actually an active tweeter. lol I live tweet through some shows, I tweet my thoughts, and I am VERY active when it comes to responding to my mentions. We can chit chat, tweet me questions, have conversations, all of that. lol I’m human and VERY social. lol

YouTube *Click & Subscribe

Lawd, YouTube. lol

I’m working on being comfortable in front of the camera.. Which means I am recording a lot more now. There will be more tutorials, get ready with me, product reviews, rants, and everything in between. I will be updating Youtube every Wednesday and Some Saturdays. That means more videos! More content! And I am truly excited. I won’t be doing much editing though. lol You’ll lose a lot of my personality in that process. And I want to be as close to me as I possibly can be.


This is how it all started. Instagram. lol There are a lot of changes, after many and I mean MANY emails. I will be changing the way the IG account is handled. Natural Male Monday, will remain and Wednesdays will be Curl Crush Wednesdays. Those will be the two days that features will be held. I will also be posting product favorites, hairdos, hair pictorials, etc. More of me, more of my likes and dislikes, getting more personable.  There will be more giveaways, depending on what the company wants, and just more of everything else! Let’s have fun!!!

And as always, there’s way more to come. I’m super excited and beyond blessed that all of you beautiful beings have supported me on this journey.  I am so appreciative and thankful for all of you! You have no idea..

Peace & Blessings,


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