“Thank God for granting me,this moment of clarity…  this moment of honesty.. The world’ll feel my truth…”- Jay Z

I feel like I’ve spent the day floating through my subconscious… Seeing myself from the inside.. Becoming more aware of me.. And I am thankful to be able to view my life and myself from a different perspective.

“I’ve built my dynasty by being one of the realest niggas out way beyond a Reasonable Doubt…. Y’all can’t fill my shoes.”

I am far from perfect; but I am a consistent work in progress. These last few months have been enlightening for me… I’ve learned myself down to every flaw and loved me more. Not focusing on my negatives, but focusing on the greater parts, the most awesome, consistent and powerful parts of me….  constantly working on bettering myself.

I’m thankful. I’ve journeyed through different stages and phases of life over the last 6 months. Learning how to abandon my stubborn ways by adapting and becoming more fluid. I have constant peace… Peace of mind. Optimism. Happiness… It’s a choice. I can choose to be stressed and miserable. Or I can woman up, accept life as is, and keep moving forward and smiling.. Always choosing to smile…


I’ve gone from the bare bottom emotionally, to soaring the peaceful heavens on a daily basis. I’ve lived. I’ve learned. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I am definitely at my best. It took a lot though. It took me being brutally honest with MYSELF to change MYSELF. I had to look deep within me.. and strip down to the bare me. I had to give myself the honest to God truth about me. About my consistency, my faith, my life, my future, my standards, the way I love and value myself, and the truth about my value.

As I’ve stated in “Walk in Your Worth“, I took me stripping myself all the way down; and viewing myself as is… And being able to fall in love with myself. Seeing that not only am I worthy.. I deserve so much more than I have received as of yet. And the moment that clicked for me.. it changed my perspective on life instantly. I can no longer allow things, people or situations to affect me, stress me, or influence me. And that was the hardest part.. looking deep in myself and reminding myself that it is okay to let go and let God. That it’s okay to just move with life wherever it may take me.. and most importantly that I will always be okay.


All I need in this life of sin; is my peace of mind. As long as I have that, I am invincible.. I can keep moving.. I can keep being.. I am allowed to live.

Know yourself. Know every part of you that you may be embarrassed to disclose. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid of yourself.


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