Creations Garden: Leave in conditioner

Creations Garden: Leave in conditioner

I will be completely honest, I found this product, along with a few others on accident, in TJMaxx. And I must admit, I was lucky. lol

The scent
The smell of this leave in conditioner has a sweet lime scent. It isn’t a strong smelling conditioner. It is definitely bearable, and it goes away after a while.

While using this product

I realized that a little bit does go a long way. it has a ton of slip for a leave in conditioner, which makes it great for detangling. Using this leave in definitely made my curls pop. This water based leave in conditioner, is meant for all hair types.
This is one of my favorite leave in conditioners. It keeps my hair moisturized (part of my LOC method), it doesn’t leave my hair coated and sticky. My hair stays “balanced” in a sense, and it works wonders in my kinky-coily hair.

Some of the Ingredients
Argan Oil from Morocco, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and many other other essential oils and extracts.


Shop Here

This product has an odd availability, but you can purchase it online. I haven’t seen this product in store or in a beauty supply store. Maybe one day they will make a comeback.


  • I quite agree with all the positive comments. I also came across this product at TK Maxx. I have unmanageable hair and this conditioner changed my life, hairwise. It functions almost like a gel, but it’s creamy and actually good for the hair, especially for dry hair like mine. I went to their website, but they seem to be rebuilding it (on 23rd May), so you can’t buy it there at the moment. It’s mentioned sporadically on google, but I didn’t find a shop that actually stocks it. Fortunately, it’s very economical and a decently large tube, so I hope to have enough till I can buy some more. – and no, I’m related to the owner of the company 🙂

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