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ELAINE LUXE is a super dope jewelry line. Everything she has is handmade and hand painted. I must admit that her bracelets and earrings are definitely one of my favorite. Her pieces have a one of a kind appeal and are created to match any style.  She even has a male line.

She is beyond passionate about her business and she is definitely amazing at what she does. Even her packaging is detailed and shows how professional and in tune she is with her business. She packages each bracelet (or set) in a gold bag. She has even expanded her business to include phone cases. There’s so much more to come.

Check her out. You won’t be disappointed. She is definitely someone I admire for following her dreams and making it happen. I really do believe in what she has to offer, and she definitely has items that I plan on & have already gifted to my family.


Check out her line here


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