Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

Organix is one of the few lines that I love from end to end. This line in particular, easily became my favorite, of the bunch. And I’ll start with the conditioner.

I’ve been using this conditioner every time I wash. No matter HOW much I wash, strip, and dry out my hair, this conditioner has managed to moisturize and soften my hair in an instant.
I can admit, that some days, especially with me working 9 to 5, school and chasing after my son; I have gotten lazy when it comes to my hair. Most days I’m sleeping on my fro, in a bonnet of course. No hair combing during the week, using Apple cider vinegar to thoroughly cleanse my scalp. I’ll spritz it, use some type of oil or hair butter to seal it in and I’m out the door.



It doesn’t have that strong coconut or coconut milk smell that many would expect. So know, you aren’t about to walk around smelling like tropical paradise.. Even if you’re into that kind of thing. The scent is subtle yet light and is easily hidden once other products are used.

During the wash 

I have used this after the Organix nourishing Coconut milk shampoo and in combination of other shampoos just to see if it made a difference.

With the coconut milk shampoo – my hair instantly felt soft with the shampoo and cleaner, but once i used the conditioner, my hair felt instantly moisturized and I could feel the “spring” (elasticity) come back to my hair as I massaged the conditioner in. If felt like a protein treatment and conditioner in one step. I left this on for the duration of my shower before I washed it out. My curls were poppin’. This method also decreased the amount of time I could go between deep conditions, pushing it to a month or even two at a time. Who doesn’t love a short wash day?

With another type of shampoo- So, this is a bit difficult. I can honestly say that I am not a fan of this conditioner paired with any other shampoo. It doesn’t have the same affect on my hair as it would if I had used the nourishing conditioner. Sometimes it left my hair a little dry and brassy… I’m convinced that a lot of these products that come in sets are meant to only be used paired together because of the chemical coating it leaves behind to activate the next product…  It still gets the work done if you’re moving in a jiffy. But it just doesn’t compare to the results you get when you use the set. You get some of your boing back, but not all.

Organix, you sly devil you.

CoWash(conditioner wash)-  So, this was actually a hit or miss for me. And it missed :(, which makes me really sad. By itself this, conditioner didn’t leave my hair feeling any cleaner than it was before my CoWash, in fact my hair just felt coated and soft.. But it didn’t feel clean in the least bit. If I used a clarifying conditioner and then followed it up with my Coconut Milk conditioner, it left my hair a little softer but still dryer than normal. I definitely needed to deep condition after this.

Disclaimer: I would still use this cowash method on its own, whenever I was rushing in the morning and just needed to soften my curl pattern but not wash it throughly. And it definitely helped when it came to refreshing and softening up my hair. 

After the Wash

This conditioner has been my saving grace. It’s helped condition my hair from it’s driest states and it also helped me continue my ways of the lazy naturalista. I keep this conditioner on deck at all times, especially with the summer right around the corner. Over all, I’m in love with the coco…. Especially if you go for the set!

Where to purchase 

  • Target 
  • Walgreens (they always the have a bogo free deal)
  • Walmart 
  • Bjs 
  • Sally’s 
  • Pretty much anywhere you really feel like shopping

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