Creation’s Garden: Protein Conditioner

I found this protein conditioner in TJMaxx accidentally. Being the product junky that I am. lol


Well, I picked it up. And like many new products, I post the pictures on Instagram before I use them. Well this time in particular. I got a lot of negative feedback from naturals saying that the protein would make my hair hard and make me go bald. lol I am sooo serious. Many natural are just protein sensitive.

Ingredient List: Lime Verbena, Kiwi Extract, Vitamin E, Wheat Protein.

This product doesn’t have much of a scent. It has a very light sweet scent. It does have a lot of slip, which makes it easy to apply to wet hair. You can also detangle with this product in it. You can use this every day as a wash out conditioner. This protein conditioner, is one of my favorites. It brought the curls back. and left my hair feeling really soft.  I haven’t had any scalp issues or problems with flaking or allergic reactions.  It left my hair with maximum shrinkage, which is good, lol because it brought back my elasticity.

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