Transitioning 1-2-3 kit by Carol’s Daughter


This product is definitely one of my favorites. I love how soft the transitioning 1-2-3 kit is on my hair.

The first step is the purifying low-poo cleanser. It is a “coconut derived detangler with soy protein that conditions, with biotin that promotes growth”. It has a minty, earthy, and spicy smell to it. It really doesn’t have much of a “poo” so don’t expect the suds. It does clean very well though, for a soft cleanser.

The second step is the Renewing Scalp Spray. It is a “Sugarcane exfoliate with Vera Fruit that helps heal. and Biotin that helps hair growth.” This spray goes on after you rinse out all of the shampoo. You spray it directly on your scalp. It tingles a tad bit more, but I do wish it did.

The third step goes directly behind the spray and it is a Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment. It has “Olive Oil that prevents breakage, murumuru seed butter softens and biotin helps hair growth”. This is the “conditioner” and it does soften the hair a lot more than it is after the low poo wash.


Over all, I do see how this could make transitioning or even big chopping pretty simple. It definitely made my hair feel more manageable and softer. But the icing on the cake to this set is the olive oil infusion kit.

The Olive Oil infusion kit is a softening and detangling at-home hair treatment.

The smell of this product is not appealing. In fact, the smell alone made me not even want to try it. BUT when I did, the product was definitely worth the smell. lol


The first step is the hair oil, that you apply all over the hair and scalp. You have to massage it in. It has “olive oil that softens and conditions dry hair, lavender oil that improves scalp health and hair texture and sage and Ylang Ylang refresh and rejuvenate dry scalps.”

The second step goes on directly behind the oil and it’s the hair smoothie. It has “olive oil that moisturizes and detangles, pro-vitamins B5 softens hair and Sunflower seed oil that provides conditioning and manageability.”

Even though the smell of this product is definitely a no go, it is beyond worth it. The benefits this set offers and what it truly does is worth the 60 dollars. I use this set once a month and it always leaves my coils poppin. lol


I would definitely recommend this to naturals that are trying to make their hair more manageable, softer and moisturized. Search the web for promo codes! DEFINITELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT

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