The LOC method

What is  the LOC method?

This is a frequently asked question.


The LOC method is a way to seal kinky coily curly hair. It helps retain moisture in thicker hair that is constantly dry and brittle.


The first step is LIQUID: YOU ALWAYS START WITH WATER!!! You can also use a water based leave in conditioner here as well. Water is thee ultimate moisturizer.

OIL is the second step. Since I have kinky 4b ish hair I use a hair butter mixed with oils that definitely helps seal the moisture in my hair. Just oil alone doesn’t seal in the water the way I need it to. So the hair butter helps keep my hair “wet” for a longer period of time.

The last step is CREAM: I use the curly cream in this place. I use this before I style my hair (all done on wet hair).

I normally apply these steps in sections. The reason many natural have success with the LOC method is the thought that each layer seals in the other.

I find this successful for my hair because it helps me retain the moisture I would lose, especially since I do have color treated hair.


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