Getting Back On Track

I cannot thank you all enough for all of the love and support you all have given me over the last 3 years.. THREE AMAZING YEARS..
I had to take some time to myself and get my personal life in order. I needed to take some time to inhale the changes God gave me and exhale the stubbornness left in me to hold on to the old. Even though brand and business wise everything was going well.. I needed to take some time to “clean up house” just a tad. Life has changed so much for me.. and Finally, I’m ready to “talk” and lay the foundation for where NHJ is headed.

Life has changed so much for me. When I first started I was a single mama, trying to figure out my hair, self and religion. I took the time to write out my frustrations, what I’ve learned, and honestly documented my life’s journey without filters. I never hid much of myself until about last year… And I can finally admit why I did it..
I took a huge hiatus. Every now and then I would come and giggle on instagram or tweet. I completely neglected Youtube and Periscope. And it’s not that I didn’t care.. I just didn’t know how to express the changes I was going through and I definitely wasn’t ready for what that meant for
For a while, I took the time to pen my thoughts & build NHJ from the ground up. I never thought my little soapbox for hair, love, faith and all things life, would ever gain the following it did… But only God knew. I knew that with my life changing I couldn’t stay true to the original site and politics behind NHJ. I just knew that with my personal growth, I had to find a way to tie it into the my second baby, NHJ.
Relax. I’m still natural. Seriously, life has changed but my hair and faith haven’t.
I just really needed to take some time to enjoy the changes. Especially when God has been taking the time to answer my prayers and to bless me in ways that I do not deserve. Humbled, eternally. I’ve grown so much as a woman, and as a mother, and one day, as someone’s wife. No, life isn’t perfect, But I am enjoying how close to perfect it is… for me.
My mini is finally in school and daycare. He’s so smart and independent. Getting on a schedule that works for the bot of us…. Took a lot of work, and early nights on my part. I’m still working full time. Which made blogging hard. Coming home, doing homework with my son, and preparing for the next day. Routine, but it is now life as we know it. I also have someone that loves me unconditionally and supports, motivates and pushes me to fulfill all of my aspirations. He attends a lot of the natural hair events with me, and has an amazing relationship with my son. God granted me the chance to share my life, trials, and awesome moments, with an extraordinary human-being. He even pushed me to write this post.
My love & passion is still here with NHJ. Cheers to growth. The hardest part was coming here and explaining how life has changed. But with renewed commitment; I can go back to writing about the things that I love.
Life has come full circle. I’m so glad to be back & transparent. There’s so much to share. But the new journey has just begun.
Peace & Blessings- Con Amor,
Sie of NHJ

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