The Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect also know as GHE, is a method that many naturals use to “grow” their hair at faster rates.

The belief is that if you use the Greenhouse Effect, your scalp will thrive because it is moist. If you have a healthy and happy scalp, your hair will grow as well. They say that it can double and even triple your hair growth.

There are many different ways to do this, which is typically done overnight. You can use a plastic bag or a shower cap underneath of your scarf and bonnet.

You will wake up with damp hair, you can wash it out or just seal in the moisture when you wake up. I normally just seal the moisture in and go.

Here is where you can get creative.

when it comes to what you do before you put on that shower cap you have MANY options. Some include:

  • Doing absolutely nothing, just letting your natural oils do there thing under the shower cap. (my preference).
  • using aloe vera juice (I would be afraid of that molding because of the heat from your scalp and the plastic cap)
  • using an oil (doing a scalp massage and then putting on the plastic cap)
  • spritzing your hair with a little water.

Some benefits of using the GHE (I have seen personally)

  • Hair growth
  • naturally softening the hair
  • helps combat dryness
  • moisturized hair has more definition
  • it is easier to seal in the moisture.


Doing the GHE method often for two to three months at a time will get you great results, you can choose how many days a week you want to embark on this challenge and do it. At least 3 to 4 days a week. You can alternate between scalp massages, which help improve blood flow in your scalp and also helps generate hair growth as well. Be sure to do a length check (take a photo) before you begin and choose to do one bi-weekly or monthly when it comes to this challenge. See if it is working for you and if it is helping your hair grow.

you can’t go wrong with trying.

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