Patience. Passion. Persistence

Patience. Passion. Persistence.


How can these three little words hold so much impact?

Let’s start in order.


Now having patience is a HUGE deal. Not everything happens on our terms. But when our hearts are ready you will know. Now, some people like to rush through life and feel that just because they work for it and because they want it NOW they should have it. Too many people believe in the NOW and not the LATER. Have some patience. Have you built a sturdy foundation for what you are trying to achieve? Have you built a successful platform for your dreams? Start your business proposal. Figure out how you are going to save money. When will be the ideal time for you to start. Do you have everything in place (personal and business)? When I say personal, I mean the following: Do you have your Family, friends and significant others on board. Do you have the time to achieve these dreams? Are you still in school? Business wise: Do you have the right connections (you better network your ass off). Do you have the proper knowledge? A degree?  Do you see why you need patience? You need to have some form of patience when it comes to making YOUR dream work.



Passion. LOVING WHAT YOU DO!! Without LOVE you have nothing more than a headache. Passion plays a huge part in your everyday and work life. Loving what you do. It sounds like something you can live without, but in reality it’s the line between love and hate. The long hours, stressful nights, tons of work; all of that alone is enough to drive anyone up the wall. BUT if you have the passion behind the work it will be worth all of the effort and time you put into it. Having love for something helps you succeed. It keeps you on your toes, you aren’t easily persuaded and you will make sure that you get yourself and business where you want to be. So aim HIGH!!



If you’re looking for something long term. You have to be persistent. Be a pain in your own ass. Show them your passion. Show others why they should believe in your effort and brand. Nobody wants to be a one hit wonder. You have to be persistent. Even you’re the only one that believes in your craft, so be it. Keep working. Keep praying. Keep up the faith. Everything that is meant for you will be yours. No man can get in the way of what GOD has planned for you. Nor can they take what’s destined for you.

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