H2Oil Hair Oil

H2Oil Hair Oil I had the pleasure of reviewing H2Oil Hair oil over the last two months.  I used this oil as apart of my LOC method, I also used it to maintain my weekly protective styles .

Pretty Kinky Naturals

Pretty Kinky Naturals I had the pleasure of reviewing the product line, Pretty Kinky Naturals, including the chocolate, honey, & Mudd co-wash truffles (not photoed above). Pretty Kinky Naturals, is an amazing natural and organic line that gives you EVERYTHING you have been looking for.

Ella + Co

Ella’s Concoctions Ella’s Concoctions is now Ella + Co. All links have been updated. I had thee ultimate pleasure of reviewing Ella’s Concoctions. All of the ingredients used are raw and organic. Homemade and created with love.

Negative People

Black women already have the “hater” stigma. People automatically assume that ALL black women don’t know HOW to compliment, encourage and uplift each other. That is a false statement. Not all women are like that.  Not all black women are like that. And black women are not the only ones …

You have to do the work.

(-_-), Seriously. Now before I start my rant. Let’s make something super clear. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY says that you should have an 85 step regimen or a 6 hour wash session. NOBODY!!  However, you cannot expect for your hair to flourish if you are not taking the basic steps …

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