Building up Black Women

See this rant is for one reason, and one only.

Whenever I post a picture, or anything, regarding how special or how amazing black women are OR how they deserve to be treated better.

There’s always that one person that’s like “you’re wrong, it should be all women, that ain’t right”. Ummm, ma’am, I am completely aware of that (1). But 2, do you honestly think that when other women of other races post how great women of their race are, or how well they deserve to be treated, or how our black men should be treating them like queens and tossing us aside, that there’s someone over there saying “no, all women deserve it?” Or are they emoji high fiving each other and reposting?

The whole purpose of me saying this, is for a reason. Some concern themselves with TOO much outside of their own communities. They would rather fix every other race and continue damaging their own. Why would I not want to uplift other women that look like me? That share the things I’ve endured? That have the same feelings I do? Don’t we deserve to feel just as great? Or should we continue to just be the butt jokes of all these memes and post?

Don’t get me wrong, I have NO issue, and I mean ZERO, uplifting women of all races, but at the same rate, I have to start at home, with women that need it.

It’s far from racism or racial superiority. I am an Afro-Latina AKA a black Latina. Period. There’s a difference in how I’m perceived when they think I’m “just black” or if they know that I’m Panamanian.

But I say this, because, I prefer to praise home first before I go to all women. A lot of them are getting enough praises while bringing down black women. And honestly that’s not fair. Why can’t black women get the same love from all over that other races get?

Better yet, why the hell can’t I, and I mean ME, focus on reminding black women of how special they truly are?

All of these memes about leaving a black woman for a white women, or a black man for a white one? To me aren’t funny.

I’m honestly over all of the bullshit, the black jokes, the ignorant jokes, the we aren’t good for much jokes. I don’t have the time or the patience. And whoever has an issue with me encouraging and uplifting women of my race can, well honestly, kiss my ass. The only people that seem to have an issue with it are OTHER BLACK WOMEN. How the hell does that work?

So seriously, simmer the hell down and let me do me. After all, I can do whatever I want. I am here to encourage and motivate women. But I have to start with women that I can relate to, with women that look like me, “act like me” and are me, in hindsight.

All women deserve to be treated like queens and they deserve the world. BUT black women need the reminder, that they ARE queens and need to act like it. Dust your crown off, and remind yourself that Cleopatra was the s*it, that Nefertiti radiated elegance and that trying to be like a video vixen or someone from some basic urban Reality TV show, isn’t all you can be.

I’m here to remind Black Women, that they do have a crown to wear, and they deserve to. I have to start here before I’m all about all women. If I can’t stand for us, who will? Honestly. Think about it.

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